There is Strength in numbers


Our services will target all the enterprises and individuals with whom we can do business. We intend to offer services that will boost our influence in the economy, which are:

IFRS and GAAP Accounting;











    Business advisory;

    Business consultation;

    Corporate governance;

    Independent reviews;

    Advice on PFMA and MFMA.


    Financial Accounting


    All duties of Accounting Officer to CC’s

    Financial Statements

    Management of Accounts

    Registration of CC’s

    Business Plans

    Business Profiles

    Business Strategic Consulting

    Financial Management Consultation


    Calculation of Income Tax, VAT,

    PAYE, Prov Tax, UIF

    Registration for the income tax,

    UIF, VAT and PAYE

    Tax Clearance Certificate Application

    Completion & Submission of

    Statutory Returns

    Tax consulting




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